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Auntie duty with Miss Vinka (who had nothing but smiles for me), and some killer couponing action = one fantastic Saturday :)  I may or may not (but totally do) now have 2-3 years stock of my favorite deodorant in the house.  This couponing thing could turn into a problem…

Monster Pants = Success!  They fit!  Apparently the 4th time was the charm :)

More Monster Pants! This time for Miss V.  I believe this is the 5th incarnation of these pants, they’d better fit!  What better project to work on while recovering from abdominal surgery?  It’s sort of nice to be a knitting bump on a log for a while, but I’m ready to be back up and at-em.  Should be back to the grind tomorrow :)

Red Sox Varsity Sweater and “Green Monster Butt” longies for my sister in law’s baby shower.  I’m not much of a knitter, and this is my first time making a sweater or completed longies.  There are lots of mistakes, and I think the two are different sizes, but overall I’m proud of how they came out.

I wish things weren’t so hard right now, and that I could have gone. There is nothing on the planet that makes you feel worse than letting down someone you love, especially when times are supposed to be happy.  I hope the love that was knit into these fibers shows that I do care, very much, even though I’m not able to be present right now.

Patterns (free through Ravelry)

Progress on my version of the Smoochie Monsterpants for Miss Vinka! Still not thrilled with my short rows, and the gusset is a mess (kitchener stitch is not my friend!),  but since this is the fourth time I’ve attempted these, I’m calling it good!

Progress on my version of the Smoochie Monsterpants for Miss Vinka! Still not thrilled with my short rows, and the gusset is a mess (kitchener stitch is not my friend!),  but since this is the fourth time I’ve attempted these, I’m calling it good!

Tonight was a whirlwind project! I hemmed and hawed over what to do about a coworker’s baby shower (which is tomorrow, hell-o procrastination!) I figured I probably already had whatever I needed for fabric, but the reason for the mess was because I couldn’t find any combo that I liked together. It took some creative seaming to come up with the final layout.

Out of the mess was born an “easy baby burrito maker” aka, a swaddle sack. When I explained to Shawn that it’s the “easy way to put the baby in the burrito wrap,” he looked at me like I had three heads.  

I made my own pattern from looking at others online, and I think this will work.  It might be a tad too big for the new-newborn stage, but it’s on par with the measurements I saw for many of them on Etsy. I think when I make it again (you know, because EVERYONE IS PREGNANT) I’ll shorten the wings so it can fit a smaller newborn.

I hope she likes it! She’s been really supportive- first when we were secretly pregnant at the same time, and later as I went through everything else. I’m not looking forward to the actual shower, I don’t know if I’ll go down for it. I’ll play it by ear and see how I’m feeling. But I did want to be sure to give her something special. :)

I was feeling pretty blue today when these pictures were sent to me by Jane!  I am now bursting with cuteness!  She said Carter’s “cDiaper” fits him perfectly :)  I need to make an updated post about how I’ve modified my version of the gDiaper.  This latest model is compatible with the brand name nylon liners, since I used snap tape rather than the bulky size 20 snaps I had used in my original prototype. But for now, yay!

Sewing a Faux gDiaper

Edited 10/29/12- Full tutorial post on how I make these can be found here:

Edited 10/13/12- I have realized many errors with how I put this together, after trying it on my friend’s son. See the above link to how I make them correctly!

I am the type of person who goes into new phases of my life only after careful contemplation and research. I need to feel comfortable before I can even consider something seriously.  Before getting engaged, I did a lot of surfing on jewelry websites, wedding sites, etc. It was not a phase of life that I knew anything about.  I never thought I’d get married.  I had never dreamed of a ring or a dress, or any of the other crazy that goes along with getting married.  I had only ever attended one wedding as an adult.  So I did a lot of research before feeling comfortable taking that next step.

I feel like I am in a similar stage right now.  I am not yet a parent, but I know that it is a life phase that I hope to undertake within the next couple of years. Subsequently, I have been

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